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Works well under pressure

The multi-tasking TOM is a new cool waste compaction system for public places. Ideal locations are restaurants, cafés, food courts, airports, bus and train stations, theme parks and malls. TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste bin but can hold up to seven times as much waste! Featuring hands-free operation, it keeps your environment tidy, hygienic and inviting. Thanks to the new feature TOM Connect, TOM is able to communicate when the bag is full or the unit needs attention.

Why TOM?

  • Less bag switches means more productive use of time and space
  • Hygienic and convenient waste handling
  • Contributes to a tidy environment
  • Broad placement options; a stand-alone unit or built into a wall
  • Enables billboard style advertising

Moscow TOM   TOM the Scot    Bottleroom TOM   Gulf TOM

TOM dressed for the occasion: designed to stand out or to fit in!

  • tom-junior_frilagd

    TOM Junior


    This version of TOM is developed specifically for environments with special demands on the design. To fit in perfectly in your business, TOM Junior is covered with stylish wooden boards and the height is significantly reduced. Reed more details under “Product Sheet”!

    Product sheet
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    I make your day

    TOM – Your new buddy at work?

    TOM has a healthy appetite for anything that is left over on your tray and he takes care of every litter. As the waste is compacted, TOM has the capacity to hold a lot, up to 7 times more than a conventional waste bin, and thereby keeps the place around him tidy and help the staff concentrate on more productive and interesting activities than waste handling.

    With his special vision, TOM sees the guests coming from a distance and open his shutter when approached. Thanks to the touch free disposal of the waste, the guests keep their hands and TOM his nose clean!

    TOM loves crowded places and feel at home whereever there is a lot of foot traffic, but after rush hours when there are few visitors, TOM goes to sleep for a while to save energy, but as soon as someone passes by he wakes up ready to go to work. TOM is a social creature and is Active on Facebook:

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    Current TOM Campaigns:

    NEWS! TOM is now able to communicate! Great feature for you as facility manager with many sites to serve or for you who have many waste receptacles spread out in a large area. Do not make anymore unnecessary rounds on routine. TOM sends you a message when he requires a bag switch or maintenance!
    Learn more about TOM Connect communication and its benefits for you!

    Are you curious about TOM and want to get in touch with the sales team, please send a message to tom@orwak.ie!