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Team Rynkeby Sweden  Photo: Thomas Nørremark

Team Rynkeby är ett nordeuropeiskt välgörenhetsprojekt där deltagarna varje sommar cyklar gemensamt till Paris till förmån för svårt sjuka barn. Under 2018, samlades totalt €9.4 miljoner in. I Sverige går donationerna oavkortat till Barncancerfonden. 2019 kommer Orwak att vara med som guldsponsor till Team Rynkeby Jönköping, där vår medarbetare Anders Lorentzson är en av de Read more …

Rent or buy a compaction solution?

Savings - Red Ring Binder on Office Desktop with Office Supplies and Modern Laptop. Business Concept on Blurred Background. Toned Illustration.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a compaction solution for a store’s waste management. Size, capacity, the way in which the waste is to be compacted, and so on. You also need to decide whether you want to rent or buy the equipment. Purchasing involves a large initial investment cost, while renting Read more …

How good are Swedish stores at waste management and recycling?


The level of knowledge surrounding waste management and recycling is growing among store staff and retailers. In addition, there are many chains of stores that now have central directives for waste management and recycling. This is important for several reasons, in part because we are able to build a more sustainable society, but also because Read more …

Questions on the retail work environment – answers from the expert

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A little while ago we wrote an article discussing various work environment risks associated with waste management in the retail sector. The subject attracted a good deal of interest, so we contacted Katrin Dagergren, work environment expert at the Swedish Trade Association for Retail “Svensk Handel”, for some more answers to your and our questions. Read more …

In-store waste management – a work environment issue

Man pushing a roll cage ready for delivery in a warehouse

Most people, who work in a store, must handle various types of waste on a daily basis. Boxes and other corrugated cardboard wrappings make up the majority of waste within the retail and grocery sectors. Few people give thought to the fact that such work can result in occupational injury and even an increased safety Read more …

From expensive waste to pure income

Fresh vegetables in supermarket

Most people know that incinerating waste is purely a cost. So this is something that you, as a grocery retailer, will want to reduce as much as possible. Unsorted waste goes straight to incineration plants via refuse collection companies that pay for incineration by the ton. These companies charge their customers even more in order Read more …



After the grand opening ceremony in Moscow on June 14th, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is currently running in Russia. The Championship is no doubt an important and spectacular event that attracts a huge audience worldwide and many fans are lucky to experience it first hand by attending one of the matches. Russia expects more Read more …

How waste management is stealing your store’s resources

©Milena Boniek/6PA/MAXPPP ; Bins overflowing with cardboard in recycling center

Unpacking goods is a natural part of day-to-day work for grocery retailers. So natural, in fact, that most people rarely think of all the time spent on packaging waste – waste that also takes up valuable space in already limited storage areas and results in significant transport costs. Time and resources that could have been Read more …



Orwak launches a new baler in the COMPACT family. The new addition, model 3120, offers strong compaction on the spot: compact machine design, yet impressive volume reduction and a bale weight of up to 100 kg. The loading gate is extra wide, 1000 mm, and for rich placement opportunities, the 3120 is a single phase Read more …

Grand Opening Ceremony of Orwak Espana


EnviroGlobal, Orwak’s distributor in Spain, just opened its new head office and showroom in Madrid. It is a strategic decision to relocate to the capital to get closer to the customers and to develop the market opportunities further. Rutger Willemse, leading EnviroGlobal, and Victoria Torrecilla, heading up sales, recently moved to Madrid and the team Read more …